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Airlines offering vouchers
Although most airlines offer vouchers in place of cash these days, the following is a list of some of the airlines most commonly credited with offering vouchers. Many of these are also the airlines for which vouchers being sold on auction web sites are most commonly valid.

Alaska Airlines
Seattle based airline company.
American Airline
The largest airline in the world.
British Airways
Largest airline in the United Kingdom, in recent years several million pounds worth of vouchers were given to passengers affected by staff strikes.

Delta Airlines
The second largest airline in the world, Delta Airlines vouchers are often available on eBay and other on-line trading and auction sites.
A popular low cost airline in the UK.
Northwest Airlines
Airline based in Minnesota.
Southwest Airlines
Another large American airline for which vouchers can be found on-line.
Spirit Airlines
Low cost airline based in Florida
Buy vouchers on-line
For more information on where to find these visit our buy vouchers on-line section.

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