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Buying vouchers on-line
Here we cover some of the places on-line you can find vouchers for sale by people who have received them from airlines as compensation.

Before you go ahead and bid on or buy a voucher on-line, check the following:
Expiration date
Most vouchers will have an expiry date after which they become useless, always check the dates on the voucher so that you know the time period for which it will be valid.
Valid airline
Vouchers will be valid for use at a specific airline, make sure you are aware of which airline(s) a voucher is valid for before buying it.
Some vouchers will only be valid for domestic flights, if you are planning on flying internationally make sure the voucher is valid for that.
Some vouchers are issued to a specific person and cannot be used by someone else unless that person contacts the airline to change this; anyone selling a voucher like this will usually include instructions regarding this process.

Places to buy vouchers
The following are sites from which vouchers can be obtained.
The world's largest auction web site is an obvious place to find vouchers, there are usually several different auctions for airline vouchers on eBay at any given time; check up on there regularly if you are looking to get your hands on some.
Another site on which you can often find vouchers for sale, unlike eBay these are mostly available at a fixed price as oppose to there being an auction.
Again vouchers are often listed on this site, another good place to look if you are interested in buying them from someone.

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