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Welcome to, on this site we aim to provide consumers with answers to the most common questions relating to the acquisition, trading and use of airline vouchers which can help to shave considerable dollars off the price of your next flight.

Airlines often give out vouchers to passengers who have been bumped off a flight or who have been let down by unforeseen problems with the airline as compensation. Some people have even taken to buying or selling vouchers on-line, despite protests from the airlines. We look at the pros and cons of airline vouchers and show you where you can find them on-line.

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What is an airline voucher ?
An airline or travel voucher is simply a voucher that is redeemable at an airport for a flight, the cost of which is covered by the value of the voucher. Most vouchers will expire so don't put off using them for too long, check the small print on the voucher for details of where and when the voucher can be used.
Sounds perfect, what's the catch ?
As mentioned above it's always best to read the small print, and remember that a lot of the time vouchers are only given out as compensation for being bumped from a flight. For a list of things to look out for when using vouchers read voucher user's guide.
Can I buy vouchers on-line ?
Some people who have obtained vouchers from an airline sell them on on-line trading and auction sites such as eBay. There are many things to consider before buying a voucher in this manner, read our buy vouchers on-line section for more details.
Can I receive money back vouchers ?
If you buy an airline ticket and the price drops afterwards you can claim a refund on some airlines who will refund the difference in the form of vouchers. For more information on this please visit our money back vouchers section.
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