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Money back vouchers
One means with which to save money on your flight in the form of a voucher is in the situation where the price is dropped after you've bought the ticket. Many airlines will refund you the difference if you approach them about it.

The following is an excerpt from this article in Yahoo! finance:
Few customers realize it, but many airlines will give refunds if they cut the price after you have bought a ticket. Alaska, JetBlue, Southwest, United and US Airways all offer vouchers for the full price difference -- if the price drops $200, you can get a $200 coupon towards a future trip. Others offer vouchers, or cash, after deducting change fees (which can run up to $100).

In industry jargon, it is called a rollover," and in most cases it only works if you bought the ticket directly from the airline. (It generally won't work if you bought them via a Web site such as or, unless the price drops in the first 24 hours.)

While refund policies have been in effect for some time, it hasn't been possible to correctly track the changes in prices and make a claim. Recent web services such as have sprung up to tackle this by providing a way to track changes in prices after a ticket has been bought.

The following is a news report about the Yapta service:

In practice though, some airlines refuse to offer refund vouchers for small drops in price, a beta test of the service indicated that while some airlines such as United and Alaska will offer a very generous refund policy, others such as American and Continental tended not to do so unless the price drop exceeded $100.

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